2005 Easley Chamber Business of the Year

Article as it Appeared on the Easley Chamber of Commerce Website:

Pictured- Kent Dykes presented the Business of the Year Award to Michael & Susan Hedrick, owners of Michael’s Pizzeria.

The business of the year is selected from one of the 12 businesses of the month for 2005. The criterion for business of the month is on the Easley Chamber website. We encourage member businesses to nominate a business based on the criterion. The business of the year is selected by secret ballot by the board of directors of the Easley Chamber of Commerce.

The business of the year for 2005 had its 2nd annual Christmas party for Miracle Hill Ministries and hosted 30 kids from 3 –18 years of age. They first learned of Miracle Hill in 2004 and found that the kids at the home were not going to have a Christmas. This was unacceptable. This business decided they would give the children a good Christmas and took it on themselves to gather the funds and the presents from fellow Easley businesses and adopt the home for Christmas.

With help from 29 local businesses they received $1700 in gifts for the kids. They also asked for donations from larger businesses (like Peoples, Community South, McKinney Dodge). They had donations of $7000, which was given to Miracle Hill for their cottages. [NOTE: Michael & Susan gratefully acknowledge ALL those who contributed to this cause.]

On Christmas Eve the Pizzeria closed at 4:00 PM when the kids showed up. They feed them appetizers then everyone ordered their entree of choice. Afterward the kids dug into their gifts. This was their Christmas and all enjoyed the spirit of the season.

This would not have been possible if it were not for our 2005 Business of the Year:  Michael’s Pizzeria.

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