About Us

Welcome to Michael’s Pizzeria

As you become a regular at Michael’s you become a part of an extended family. We opened our first pizzeria in Greenville in 1995 and sold it after our current place really took off. We are an owner/operator business and understand the cost of everyday living.

We strive to keep our cost to a minimum and pass the savings on to you, our valued customer. Although cost is important, quality comes first. We won’t sacrifice quality just to “save a buck” Our products are made in house; We make our own sauces, dough, and pasta’s. We even shred our own cheese so we can serve a great quality cheese without all the preservatives of the pre-shredded cheeses. Be assured that when you order from Michael’s Pizzeria, you are getting the “best quality of food” and at the same time putting your money back into YOUR community.

“Your Neighbors and Friends”


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